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Babyvue is a private ultrasound scan clinic specialising in baby scans. We have a modern clinic equipped with the most up to date technology. We provide pregnancy scans, gender scans, and fertility ultrasound scans as well as pregnancy related blood tests in a relaxing and comfortable environment, you won’t feel rushed at Babyvue. We take our time and make sure each and every customer has a quality personal experience. We welcome customers across Bromley, London, Kent, Surrey and the surrounding areas.

Our Modern, Private Clinic

In the heart of Orpington, Babyvue welcomes you to our modern, private baby scan clinic. We’re independently run and regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

2D Ultrasound Baby Scans

2D scans are the traditional black and white ultrasound scans. Our professional sonographers can perform a range of 2D ultrasound baby scans. We offer gender scans after 16 weeks of pregnancy and dating scans as early as 6 weeks. You can rely on the opinions of our expert staff. We are happy to share the amazing first glimpses of your baby with you.

4D Ultrasound Baby Scans

If you want to see what your baby will look like before they are born, then a 4D ultrasound baby scan is for you. We offer 4D scans from 24 to 32 weeks of pregnancy and for optimal imaging we recommend having this scan at 28 weeks. Enjoy a magical baby bonding experience, watching your baby move in real time with one of our detailed 4D scans.

Blood Tests

We provide a wide range of pregnancy and fertility related blood tests to help guide you through your fertility and pregnancy journey. Our tests are performed in a clean, safe, clinical environment by a trained phlebotomist and sent to professional labs for processing.

Online Booking

You can book your baby scan and blood tests from the comfort of your own home with online booking.


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